Say goodbye to clichés: 10 unexpected travel trends for 2021


Say goodbye to clichés: 10 unexpected travel trends for 2021

In the era of algorithms that predict the future it is not necessary to have a crystal ball. It is enough to analyze the data from Internet researches and, voilà, a new trend is born. So, it’s time to realize what can become a destination not to be missed for the next vacations.

Over the past year, 250 million users have browsed the pages of Pinterest looking for inspiration. In their profiles, the dreams and plans of the coolest people, the most experienced travelers, the most creative decorators and kitchen lovers have become a gigantic catalog of photos. This social network is twice as used as the websites of the world’s largest travel agencies.

Pinterest’s list of ten travel trends for 2019 has surprising results, from different destinations to unusual means of transportation and more ecological tours. Paradise beaches in Malaysia, the incredible Salar Uyuni, the world’s largest salt desert in Bolivia, abandoned castles (we give some travel ideas) or bicycle tours in Napa Valley, California.

The search for “surprise destination” had an increase of 192% in Pinterest. The idea here is to gather a group, combine the best date and leave the destination of the trip in secret. The leader organizes and the rest travels without knowing what the big surprise will be. The Salar Uyuni in Bolivia, the largest salt desert in the world, is one of the places that appears in the survey. Anyway, to go to a destination like this, the best is even through packages, and there are already several trips scheduled for 2021, with prices starting at 2100 euros.

The trend for 2021 is to visit the less known islands in search of shade, fresh water and tranquility. The search for less travelled islands has increased 179%. The island of Rawa in Malaysia is one of the destinations for this type of trip. For Kuala Lumpur, you can get flights from 590 Euros and then you can go by bus and boat. Please note that the island is private and not easy to visit, unless you stay at its incredible resort, with prices around 200 euros per night.

Summer may make people more excited, but it is autumn that is on the rise and should continue. Fall landscape searches have increased 94%. Apparently, many people want to enjoy the milder weather than winter – and much more romantic. Without shivering with cold. One of the most incredible places to visit in the fall is Washington, USA, which is covered with brown leaves with beautiful landscapes. You can book flights for October 2021 from 450 euros round trip and accommodation, at the same time, from 156 euros per night, double room.

The hot springs have more and more tourists. Iceland or Budapest are some of the destinations for those who want to relax absolutely within incredible waters. The research for “hot springs” grew 32% and in 2021 it can be even bigger. To get to know Budapest, a must-see destination for those who like hot springs, there are flight and hotel packages from £175.

It seems that in this new year the luxurious and restored palaces will be exchanged for magnificent abandoned castles. The ancient ruins have attracted more and more people and the proof is that the search for “abandoned castles” has increased 142%. If you want to follow this trend you can visit, for example, the Beaufort Castle in Luxembourgo, a country where there is no lack of incredible castles and with flights from Lisbon from 85 euros. Or visit one of several abandoned castles in Scotland, where it arrives for just over £150.

Sometimes the best sights can be seen from the bus windows. Moreover, this means of transport can be much more economical. The search for this kind of trip has increased 32%.

Even with the violence, Rio de Janeiro remains beautiful. The mixture of city, beach, carnival and an expanding gastronomic scene attracts more and more tourists. Searches for Rio de Janeiro registered a 142% increase in pinterest. In March, you get to know the city for 522 euros (round trip flight), plus 41 euros per night (accommodation).

There are tourists and tourists. Some prefer the big centers and the most famous cities. Others take pleasure in discovering unknown places. Bucolic landscapes and small and charming cities are among the trends for 2021. “Small town travel” had a 276% increase in surveys. The city of Cefalù, in Sicily, is one of those that appears in Pinterest. To get to know it, just take a flight to Catania (132 euros round trip) and rent a car. And then there are accommodations in Cefalù at $ 78 per double room, and this prices from May, when it is already sunny.

Whether athletes or cyclists on the weekend, there are more and more people interested in exploring new destinations to bike. The popularity of “bike tours” has grown 64%. There are tours of major cities and even vineyards such as the photo in Napa Valley, California. Want to try, just this incredible place? Just take a flight to San Francisco, you’ll find prices from Lisbon from 477 euros, round trip, and then it’s an instant to this region, where you’ll find diverse rural tourism.

Travelers are increasingly concerned about the environment. Zero waste surveys increased 74% at Pinterest. To make a “zero waste” trip it is necessary to choose the most adequate transportation, the most correct type of food and the most strategic and sustainable accommodation. There are already several ecological hotels around the world, and the option of train as transportation can be more environmentally friendly. You can try for example the incredible Punta Islita hotel in Costa Rica, a luxurious ecological beach resort with an infinite pool. Prices start at 390 euros per night in a double suite and include activities such as cooking, horseback riding, art and tours to see monkeys. You can get trips to the capital, San José, in April, for 649 euros.

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