Budget for a Month in Thailand

Budget for a Month in Thailand

Budget for a Month in Thailand

If you’re planning to travel to Asia as a first-timer, then Thailand should definitely be on top of your list. With cheap flights, great accommodation, and friendly locals, Thailand is an excellent place to start exploring the world.

Here are some things you can expect to pay if you plan to spend a month in Thailand.

The Food:

Thailand is one of those countries where people love to travel. They love to go out and see new places and try out new foods. But if you’re traveling around Asia then you might want to consider trying out some of the amazing streets eats that they have.

Street foods are very popular in Thailand and you can get them pretty much anywhere. Most cities have plenty of options so you should be able to find something that suits your taste. One thing that you may notice about these dishes though is that they aren’t really made with ingredients that you would expect to see.

For example, noodles often come straight from the packet and fried rice is just plain rice that has been fried. However, these dishes are incredibly tasty and filling so you won’t feel hungry again until lunchtime.

  • A typical Thai meal costs about $2.
  • A typical western meal costs about $3.50 on average.
  • A pint of beer usually costs between $1 and $2.50.

So, let’s say the total estimated monthly food bill would be $150.00 (this includes 40 Thai meals and 20 Western meals).

A place to stay:

If you’re planning to spend any time in Bangkok, then you will always want to look into staying at an affordable accommodation option. There are options ranging from cheap hostel rooms where some Bokep Korea porn was recorded to luxurious apartments. Some offer good accommodations and others don’t.

Here, the main point is to ensure you’ve done your homework when choosing your accommodation. Even if it’s cheap, you still need value for your dollar. You might even consider staying at a budget motel or even a homestay were eating out won’t be too expensive.

Things to do:

There is so much you can see and do as a backpacker in Thailand for a lesser cost than you’d expect. Entrance to most of the temples in Thailand is free and you are guaranteed an amazing experience at each one of them.

There are numerous day trips to choose from as well for prices as low as $8. You can even get yourself PADI certified for just a small price. Don’t forget to visit the floating markets as well which are once again free entrance.


When traveling in Thailand, there are various modes of transportation to choose from. One of the cheapest options is the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit). Trains can be found running throughout the day but do not operate after midnight.

Taxis and tak-tus are also an option for nighttime transport. However, make sure to avoid being taken advantage of by taxi drivers who may claim that they know a better route than what you requested.

Be aware of where you are headed as the driver may attempt to take you somewhere else claiming that your original destination has been closed. Ask for the fare upfront so you’ll know how much money you’re spending.

You may want to consider taking a domestic flight at some point too but don’t be worried because it won’t cost much. On average you will spend approximately $160 per trip.

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